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Small group of ladies with small boy, probably in the garden of Eydon Rectory, in the second half of the 1930s.

The group, part of the Mothers Union , are from the back left, [unknown], Mrs Anderson who lived at what is now 8 High Street, [unknown] - but the face, and more especially the hat looks like Mrs Watson in DK074 and Mrs Mold of 16 High Street. In front from the left we have [unknown], possibly Ralph Williams, Mrs Williams of 2 Hill View, and Mrs Charlie Parish of 21 High Street. If the small boy is Ralph Williams, he was born in December 1933, so the picture might have been taken in 1936/37. Mrs Anderson was Florence Elizabeth, married - probably not in the village -to Herbert Anderson, a railway fireman, who was a member of Eydon's 1939 league winning cricket team. They had three children in the village, one Roy, dying at the age of 3. Mabel Mold was married to Walter, the milkman and had 2 children by the time this photo was taken.

Mrs Margaret Williams was married to Leslie Williams, an LNER engine driver and had at least 4 children, of which Ralph, who later became a bricklayer/mason, was the second. Mrs Annie Parish, the daughter of George Tompkins, a carpenter, married Charlie Parish, also the son of a carpenter. They had 2 children, Frank and Joan. Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by  Mrs Pam Humphries

Connected Photos: DK074

Eydon Mothers Union, c 1936

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