Dick Syers' boat the 'Eydon Maide'

His boat was traditionally made, with a wooden frame covered with sheeting. The frames had to be accurately marked out before cutting, but the only flat area big enough was the living room floor, which still shows the arcs and circles for the frames. Other wood was specially selected for each part. The stern, which was curved, was chosen from a specially felled oak tree from Eydon Hall, chosen for the curve of its grain.

Other wooden parts had to be bent to shape, and this photos shows Dick's home made steamer, constructed from an oil drum steam generator feeding into the square section steel box in the foreground. This had been obtained from local builders Thomas Kench and co.

The full story of the boat building enterprise has been recorded in our publication 'Boats, Bells and Blossoms' details of which are on our publications page.


Photographer: Mrs Sheila Syers

Image lent by : Mrs Sheila Syers

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Eydon Maide' 1959

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