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A photo of a few of the members of Eydon Ladies who entered into the spirit of the evening in 1996 when Bert Manton came to the Village Hall and talked about the Women's Land Army during WW2.

They are dressed in examples of the uniform issued to the women at the time - some not very comfortable being thick serge material well known for chafing the skin. They are all wearing headscarves which were almost universal headwear for working women at the time and they all have armbands with various symbols on them.

From the left :- Brenda Kench with a conventional garden hoe which would also have been used in the fields to remove weeds around sugar beet and other crops of individual young plants.

Caroline Bedford holds a tin box which might have been used for her lunch box or a gas mask case and a dibber.

Sally Tasker is holding a replica of the milking stools of the time which many of them would have used when milking the cows.

Sonia Hawes is holding a standard issue steel helmet from WW2 and a gent's Raleigh bicycle of the era.

Sue McRoberts is holding a wooden hay rake together with another steel helmet.


Photographer: Mr David Kench

Picture lent by : Mr David Kench

Connected Photos: DK025 | IB010 | KL179

Eydon Ladies as Land Girls, 1996

SKU: DK085

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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