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After 1940 15 members of Eydon's Home Guard, in garden of Manor Farm, home of Eddie Wilks.

Eydon Home Guard was part of E Company, 14th (Brackley) Battalion. The headquarters of E Company was at Wayside on Preston Road, the home of Major Fred Kench. E Company usually numbered about 30 men and included a surprising number of officers, including Lt. E.R.Wilks, six sergeants and a number of corporals. Syd Tyrrell says that Eydon Squad were based at Manor Farm, home of Eddie Wilks and this would seem to be the location and subject of this photo. Unfortunately, apart from Lt Wilks in the peaked cap, we do not know who the rest of these men are. In "Syd Tyrrell's Eydon" he mentions the names of Harry Sharp, Bill Tomalin, Frank Leadbeater, Sg. (Eric?) Walker, Clarie Bricknell and Tom Pettifer as being Eydon men in the Home Guard.

Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by : Miss Hope Walker

Eydon Home Guard

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Eydon Village Photo Archive

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