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Another colour picture of a cup winning team,

We know most of the players, for example standing from the left we have Roy Steel, Pete Berry, David Fisher but who is between him and Jack Hawes? On the left of the front row is Biddle (Ronnie Fairbrother), Alan and Richard Preece, another unknown and finally Frank Parish.

We thought this could be the 1965 winners of the Peter Strong Memorial Cup, the last trophy won by Eydon Cricket Club - in which case the missing names might be Rex Anson and Graham Stacey, but another image, IB041,, claims to be that. More research is needed to sort these out.

There is a mixture of the old and new blood here, with Frank Parish and Jack Hawes representing the old guard and Roy Steel, Pete Berry, David Fisher and the Preece brothers the new blood. They would all go on great things. Roy Steel was Eydon's most successful bowler taking perhaps 1,500 wickets in his career; Pete Berry topping the batting averages for many years from the mid 1970s on; David Fisher dominated the early years of the Anthony Walker Single Wicket Cup and scored 713 runs in 1980, a club record. Alan Preece was the first Eydon player to take all 10 wickets in an innings, in 1969, whilst brother Richard was only the second Eydon player (apart from Fred Phipps) to take over 100 wickets in a season in 1965.

On a less serious note, the Preece brothers seem to have provided the team with scorers, if necessary by marrying them!

Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by : Mr Chris Yates

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Eydon Cricket Club 1960s

SKU: IB034

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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