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Formal outdoor group of 10 ladies, five holding flower vases, three tea pots and two holding tea cups.

The lady in the striking striped dress is Emily Bishop, whose family think this is a Women's Institute occasion, as Emily was very keen on the WI. From the fashions, it looks late 1920s - early 1930s.

Comparisons with other photos of this period in our photo archive suggest that the lady on the extreme left in the light dress might be Mrs Annie Leadbeater (see KL066) whose family also believe her to have been a WI stalwart. A comparison of some of the faces in this image with those of other ladies taken about this period suggests that there might be some overlap.

A group of ladies in costume for a play or pageant (see KL135, KL137, KL161 & KL162) suggests Mrs Bishop might be the lady on the extreme right, in check shawl and skirt, of KL135. Likewise, the lady on the extreme right here might be the lady with glasses and a spotted headscarf standing third from the right in KL135.

It is thought that further research will suggest other matches between the two pictures, confirming this images as an Eydon photo.

Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by : Mrs D. Richardson

Connected Photos: IB003 | KL066 | KL135 | KL137 | KL161 | KL162

Group of Prize Winning Ladies, 1920s or 30s

SKU: AP008

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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