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Extract of the Will of the Rev. F.C. Clarke, concerning the terms of a Charity that he set up.

Front (right) and back pages of a note made of their contents. The Rev. Frances Clarke was Rector of Eydon from 1825 to 1863. He died in Nice at the age of 53 and left various legacies in the village, including £500 in Government Stocks for a school in the village. This note is concerned with the bequest of £200 for the support of 6 ages persons - continued on KL014a. Will dated 1849. The value of Government Stocks dwindled and produced a very small income. The Charity was wound up by agreement with the Charity Commissioners in 2002.

Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by : Mrs Margie Davies

Connected Photos: KL014a, KL014b

Extract of will of Rev F. C. Clarke, Front & Back Page

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