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Studio portrait of Elizabeth Aldridge, youngest daughter of Ann and John Aldridge. She was born in Eydon 1846. After her father's death in 1851, her mother set up a laundry in Doctors Lane and Elizabeth worked as a laundress in that. In 1868 she had a son, Arthur Aldridge. Around 1876 she married Sam Spencer, farrier from Middleton Cheney, who had been living in the village from at least 1871 when he was living with his aunt and uncle, Charlot and Thomas Pettifer. This photograph may have been taken around then, to celebrate the engagement or wedding. It was taken by J.T Stewart of Bicester.

Sam and Elizabeth lived in the High Street and between 1877 and 1886 had five children. Sam later became a sheep dipper, and later still an insurance salesman, but was not insured himself when the great fire of Eydon burnt them out in 1905 (KL012). The family are buried in the nearby village of Sulgrave. In the 1871 census, Sam's age is given as 15, Elizabeth's as 25. They may not have been entirely honest with each other, as in later census, filled in by Sam, his age jumps a couple of years to 27, later jumps another two to 39, and finally in 1901 back to 47. Elizabeth seems to have consistently 'lost' a couple of years, being 33 and 43, finally admitting her true age as 55 in 1901.

Photographer: J.T. Stewart

Image lent by : Mrs Coral Fairbrother

Connected Photos: IB017 | KL012

Elizabeth Aldridge, c1876

SKU: IB019

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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