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Sid and Lucy Edwards were married in 1918 and had the three children shown here. Winifred, always known as Wynne, born in 1920, Kenneth born in 1925, and Kath (Kathleen) born in Eydon in 1927. Sid is typical of the new Eydon villager, with a well paid and regular job that brought him to the village, in this case as a Guard on the LNER based at Woodford Halse. That steady income allowed him to buy the family home, known as 'Fernlea' at the top of Hill View, in 1926 for £100. It also allowed the family to taken regular holidays, the photographic evidence for which still survives. The photo here shows the family outside their front door with Ken, Wynne and Kath in front of Sid and Lucy, with the roof of Stoneleigh (then occupied by the Pettifers) beyond.

Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by : Mrs Carrie Horne

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Edwards Family outside Fernlea Cottage, 1929

SKU: KL188

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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