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With Sid Edward's steady job on the Railways (helped probably by the concession travel rates for railway workers) there was plenty of money available for holidays.

This photo, marked 'Bournemouth, Friday 10th August 1928', was taken by a professional beach photographer and shows Wynne, Ken and toddler Kath, Lucy and Sid on a crowded beach at Bournemouth. Some parts of this photograph, the deck chairs, the bathing caps and bucket and spade, are timeless, but others, like 3 year old Ken having to wear a tie with his shirt and jersey, do seem to have gone by the board. Mind you he was only following the fashions of his elders such as father Sid, and the old gent in the three piece suit and boots behind him.

Photographer: Unknown professional

Image lent by : Mrs Carrie Horne

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Edwards Family Holiday, Bournemouth, 1928

SKU: KL190

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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