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The Edwards family were better off that many of the other working class families in the village in that Sid Edwards had a steady, non-agricultural, job on the railways. This allowed for a better lifestyle that many, including holidays (and a camera to record them)

Although Billy Butlin started building holiday camps just before the war, he was not the first, though he did become the biggest as holiday camps for the family became very popular. The Edwards family seem to have been amongst the forerunners here as this picture, taken on one pre-war holiday at Highcliffe on Sea, in what looks like a holiday camp.

The people in the picture are not, apart from Wynne Edwards, absolutely identified, but might be (from the left) Kath, Ken, Wynne and Sid Edwards. At Wynne Edwards' wedding in 1941, Kath is the same height as her sister, so this may be a year or two earlier. Other Edwards holiday photos are seen at KL190, KL192, KL205 and KL207


Photographer: Unknown, Edwards family

Picture lent by : Mrs Carrie Horne

Connected Photos: KL157 | KL190 | KL192 | KL205 | KL207

Edwards Family at Highcliffe on Sea

SKU: KL204

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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