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Pen and ink sketch of the Moravian Chapel and surrounding buildings, Eydon.

Now known as Chapel Yard, the drawing shows the Chapel - with a rather fancifully tall bell lantern and very large 'Lamb of God' wind vane, and the three adjoining houses. As the earliest surviving photographs of the Chapel show it was a bell pull over the door, there may be some doubt as to whether the lantern was ever built.

Text says Eydon, Northamptonshire, Moravian Chapel ad 1818, Old Preaching House, 1751 (with an arrow pointing to the middle house behind the pump) Former Minister's House, (indicating the house on the left corner.)

The Old Preaching House has a large double height window (behind the pump) and another skylight in he roof, suggesting this was a full height room. Not sure who or when the drawing was done, very small text in corner says 'Rough pen & ink sketches by an amateur 156 to 167', it may be from a booklet about the Moravians in this area.

Image lent by : Dr Kevin Lodge

Connected Photos: AP015 | DK053

Drawing of Moravian Chapel and Yard

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