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Another photograph taken on the day of the Great Fire of Eydon on 28th May 1905. This is taken from close to the position as that of DK030, but seems to be slightly later, as the roof timbers seen then have fallen away. The crowds seem to be smaller also. The fire spread from thatch roof to thatch roof, driven by a southerly wind. Because of this, the building at the centre of this photo (now 22 High Street) escaped the fire because of its clay tile roof. Just visible behind that is the roof of Hunt, the village carrier. His house and stable were saved as the thatch roofs were covered with water soaked tarpaulins in an unsuccessful attempt to make a fire gap.

Photographer: Mr A.H Vorts (of Daventry)

Image lent by : Mr David Kench Connected Photos: DK030 | KL001

Doctors Lane and High Street, Great Fire of Eydon 1905

SKU: DK031

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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