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There was no railway station in the parish of Eydon, but several lines crossed the parish.

The earliest, the Stratford upon Avon & Midland Junction Railway, which ran between Northampton, Towcester and Stratford (known to some as "The Shakespeare Route" and to others as the 'Slow, Miserable and Jolty') was built in 1870/1. It never made a profit and was largely closed to passengers and goods traffic by 1952.

The line between Moreton Pinkney and Byfield Stations ran along the valley to the north and east of Eydon with bridges over the Preston Road and under the Moreton Road. The single track and beds were taken up for scrap some years afterwards following the closure of the link between Byfield and the Great Central Railway at Woodford in 1964.

These pictures, taken near the bridge on the Preston Road out of Eydon, show the gang dismantling and loading the rails and sleepers as they worked their way westward. The flat girder top of the Preston Road bridge was removed at the time and only parts of the buttressing walls remain.

The removal of the Moreton Road brick bridge and partial re-grading of the road, but without realignment, didn't occur until some years later.

Photographer: Mr David Kench

Image lent by : Mr David Kench

Connected Photos: AP034

Dismantling the Railway c. 1965

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Eydon Village Photo Archive

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