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Possible postcard of High Street, Eydon, looking north Sept. 1898.

White lettering on front of picture, but no indication as to who took this picture (and the two either side). This enlarged image shows the centre part of AP053. It shows a lady in white and half a dozen children, as well as a couple of carts. As these are parked outside the house of Hunts, the village carriers, this may be one of theirs. Hunts lived in the house whose gable-on in the centre of the picture.

Open towards us is the open end of the cart shed/stable where he kept horse and carts. On the right are the thatched roofs of what is now 12 High Street, burnt off in the fire of 1905, whist behind that is the gable, end on to the road, of what is now 18 High Street. This was totally rebuilt (eventually - by 1908) after the fire and incorporated the gable end seen here and the single story building between it and the slaughter house, which still remains.

Photographer: Unknown professional

Image lent by : Alison Parsons

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Details of High Street looking north, 1898

SKU: AP053a

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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