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Detail of children sitting outside the Cross Tree Cottages on the Green Eydon.

Given that the cottage behind them was the home from 1888 of Alf Gubbins and his wife Louisa, might this be some of their children playing outside? If so then it might be either Charlie Gubbins - born 1891 and his sister Edith born 1892 in which case the photo was taken before Feb. 1896, when Edith died. Alternatively they may be younger son John (born 1898) and Edith Sarah (born 1901) in which case the image was taken in the mid 1900s.

Photographer unknown

Image lent by Mrs Marion Wheatley

Linked images KL273, KL273a, KL271 

Detail of Children in KL273 - Sitting outside Cross Tree Cottages

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Eydon Village Photo Archive

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