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Greystones and Greystones Cottage on Hill View

This house, originally lived in before 1839 by Thomas Horne, schoolmaster of Eydon, was sold by his heir John Horne to James Dancer in January 1864. James was the son of John and Sarah Dancer and had moved to Leamington as a servant by this time. He bought the house for his parents to live in, converted the stables - the brick building adjacent to the house - into a shop, and built the two small cottages (now one) next to that.

The shop, now the kitchen of Greystones, is the brick building with the large ground floor window. The entrance to the shop was by a door to the right of the window, now concealed by the hedge. John Dancer, who in 1861 was described as a draper, grocer and general hawker, opened the shop by 1864 as a grocers and continued there until his death in 1874.

At some time after that Robert Franklin and his wife (later widow) Lilpah (or Zilpah) took over running the shop into the early years of the twentieth century. This despite the fact that there were two other grocers in the village and there were barely any other houses in this end of the village at thetime. In 1901 the house and shop was sold to the Pettifers and may have ceased trading at that time.


Photographer: Dr Kevin Lodge

Image lent by : Dr Kevin Lodge

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