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Looking north from the Village Green with the magnificent Cross Tree, an elm, in the centre and Wakelyn Manor House/Tudor House to the left.

Above the porch door can be seen the mark left by the board, from when this building was a pub, the Plough and later the Blackamoors Head. This means the picture was taken after 1884 when the pub closed and was converted to a men's club and reading room. The cottages on the Green still have their thatched roofs, whilst in the distance can be seen the open gable end to Hunt, the village carriers, cart store. It is not possible to tell from this image which way 18 High Street, which before the fire of 1905 was gable end to the road, and after was rebuilt facing the road, was facing, so we cannot date the image closer than late 19th century, early 20th. For a 1920's view, see AP051c.

Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by : Mr David Kench

Connected Photos: DK060 | AP051c

Cross Tree and The Green and Men's Club

SKU: DK061

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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