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Cricket Team outside Eydon Hall.

The two central characters are the Holland brothers, whose father lived there from 1890 to 1908. Syd Tyrrell was very dismissive of the family, as they were 'in trade' and the drinks trade at that. Team members identified by Syd Tyrrell are, from back left, George Tompkins (Wheelwright), Henry Peck (farmer), John Howard (butcher), unknown - but looks like Herbert Parish - ("Dad" from KL001), Aubrey Wright (farmer), Middle row from left, unknown, Ernest and Tom Holland (brewery directors), unknown, unknown, and from front left, unknown, unknown, and Arnold Humphries (blacksmith).

In 1925 Aubrey Wright lived at Moors Farm (see KL015f). George Tompkins lived in the middle section of what is now 21 and 23 High St (see KL015l). The photo appears to be taken standing against the ha-ha wall in the park to the south of Eydon Hall. Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by : Mrs Margie Davies

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Cricket Team outside Eydon Hall

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