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A post card, taken in the post war period, of the less photographed end of the village. The view shows the council houses built on Hill View and Preston Road. These were built in 1926 (or possibly earlier - in 1920). They were a vast improvement on the quality of most of the houses in the village at the time, having running water from a well at the top of Hill View and bathrooms.

Despite that they still had a pail for the WC. (known as bucket and chuck it!) The pair of houses in the centre right of the image were a better class of house than the others as they had another room downstairs. Text on front "EYDON v2831 VWL". Other postcards in this series suggest they were published in the 1946 to 1953 period. Photographer: Unknown professional

Picture lent by : Alison Parsons

Connected Photos: KL007 | AP019 | SV016

Council Houses on Hill View/Preston Road

SKU: AP038

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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