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The felling of the Cross Tree (an elm) on the Green on Sunday 5th November 1978.

The image clerly shows the extent of the rot from which the tree was suffering, it was completely hollow with its death sealed by Dutch Elm disease. The trunk had a girth of 17'6" (5.3m) at its base.

From L-R: far left possibly Mark Cross; Robert Colton in bobble hat; David Fisher in blue jacket with John Grindlay behind him in red sweater and cap. The present (2007) Holm Oak on the site of the Cross Tree was donated and planted in 1993 by Donald Kench (DK063a), with the help of Bert Manton, to replace a horse chestnut which had a short life of just 15 years. 

Photographer: Mr David Kench

Image lent by : Mr David Kench

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Chopping Down the Cross Tree on Green, 1978

SKU: DK063

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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