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Certificate of thanks from the people of Eydon to Sargeant Farrier G. V. Harding for 4 years and 8 months service in the Great War.

Two colour printed on brown card, it had space left for the recipient’s name and service record. Dated December 1919, it is from ‘The People of Eydon’ and one was presumably given to every returning serviceman.

It was probably given by the Parish Council as the local arm of government. Although man thousands of these must have been issued by every community in Britain, the only other example of this type of certificate of thanks found on the Internet is from Coventry City Council. 

Photographer: Dr Kevin Lodge

Certificate lent by : Mrs Hazel Jarvis

Connected Photos: KL365 | KL368

Certificate of Thanks from Eydon to Sargeant Farrier Harding

SKU: KL367

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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