The first match played by Eydon Cricket Club way back in 1877 was a match between the married and the single men of the village, so it seemed appropriate to revive the tradition in 1977 with a rematch.

n view of its celebratory nature, it wasn't played during the usual season but thickly clad on Boxing Day 1977. Standing, from the left we have Geoff Amos, unknown, Geoff Freeman, Richard Ford, Bill Oakey, David Ford, Jim Broome, Alan Holton, Andrew Bywater, Jack Hawes, Nick Seale and David Fisher.

Seated from the left we have Johnnie Polk, Pete Berry, Ronnie Fairbrother, Jim Hawes, Gordon Anderson, John Grindlay and Jack Colton. The original match was a 6 wicket win for the single men, but this match produced an honourable draw, although the non-regulation sized bat held by Pete Berry suggests that it was not played in too serious a spirit.

Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by : Mr Chris Yates

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Centenary Boxing Day Cricket Match, 1977

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