Catalogue of sale, at Red Lion in Banbury, of Eydon Estate


Including details of prices achieved for: Another pasture field on the Moreton Road, held by George Dodd and sold to Mr Hogg for £85, an "Old Fashioned Tudor Residence" (now Wakelyn Manor house) sold for £275. This can be seen in several photos, such as KL030 and DK062a. Up to WW1 it had been the Reading Room and Men's Club, whist before that it was a pub, the 'Blackamoors Arms', renamed (from the Plough) after the supporters on the Annesley coat of arms. Before that at some stage it had been a house of some consequence - but had fallen on hard times. A 2 bedroom cottage let to Ellis Buckley, now known as 1 High Street. This does not seem to have been sold.

Image lent by : Mrs Margie Davies

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Catalogue, Sale of Eydon Estate 1925, Page 9

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