Catalogue of sale, at Red Lion in Banbury, of Eydon Estate with details of four cottages.

The first cottage, a one up and one down, was tenanted by Sarah Coy, a seamstress and had been her home since the early 1890s. It now forms part of Barn Elm Cottage, 4 High Street, as does the next cottage. This likewise had one up and one down and was tenanted by James Sykes. The next cottage, lot 39, is gable on to the street and is also now part of 4 High Street, and was then occupied by John Cleaver. The last cottage, lot 40, is not adjoining the previous lot but is separated by Tays Piece, a thrashing ground for Manor Farm. It now forms the north end of 1 The Green and was tenanted by Raymond Needle. It was bought by Mr Waldron for £60.

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Catalogue, Sale of Eydon Estate 1925, Page 17

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