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Catalogue of sale, at Red Lion in Banbury, of Eydon Estate with details of two cottages and an allotment field.


One cottage was let to Mrs Sabina Hunt, the sister of the last carrier to Banbury as described in Syd Tyrrell's "A Countryman's Tale". It was sold to Kenches for £95, who knocked it down and built the present house on the site of, and using the same stone from, the carrier's yard. The house (20 High Street), with its distinctive cantilevered roof, ws built for Miss C. E. Marshall. Miss Marshall had been the headmistress of Dashwood Road School in Banbury before her retirement. The other cottage, now called 16 High Street, had been burnt down in the Great Fire of Eydon in 1905 and rebuilt two years later. It was let to Herbert Smith and sold to Mumfords for £135. The allotments are behind 18 and 20 High Street and are shown in KL016 and KL016a.  Image lent by : Mrs Margie Davies

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Catalogue, Sale of Eydon Estate 1925, Page 15

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