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Catalogue of sale, at Red Lion in Banbury, of Eydon Estate with details of four cottages and a shrubbery.

The first two cottages are combined as 23 High Street, but were then separately occupied by George Tompkins, a carpenter, now approaching the age of 75, and Charles Parish, from Culworth. Frank and Joan Parish, whose photos appear in KL126 to KL130, were born here. The next cottage, lot 24, along with its garden, was occupied by James Dancer and was on the verge of what is now Lime Avenue, at the corner of the Byfield Road. It has the location of a squatter's house although it is stone built. James Dancer was an agricultural labourer, born in 1853. As an agricultural labourer, he would have no use for the Coach House, which was let to Thomas Pettifer and Co., presumably in connection with their animal medicine business. Both were knocked down in the 1960s to improve the visibility for drivers on the corner. The last lot on this page, 25a A Shrubbery, was strip of land facing the High Street in front of what was then called The Shrubbery, now 61 High Street. Image lent by : Mrs Margie Davies

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Catalogue, Sale of Eydon Estate 1925, Page 13


Eydon Village Photo Archive

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