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Catalogue of sale, at Red Lion in Banbury, of Eydon Estate with details of four cottages, including Blacksmiths house & shop.

Two cottages in the High Street, now 9 High Street, The Vyne, and 11 High Street, Ashby Cottage, both of which can be seen in the background of DK013. The Vyne is really a small house, having a Tudor 4 centred arched fireplace in an upstairs room along with several inglenooks. Then it was let to William Fairbrother and appears not to have sold. Ashby Cottage, once two small, almost identical cottages knocked into one, was vacant at the time and was sold to Mr Kingston from Woodford Halse for £115. The cottage in the 1920s can be seen in KL372. The other two lots are in Blacksmiths Lane, Lot 16 at the top, now called Gaya Cottage, whist close by was the blacksmiths cottage and shop. Harold Axtell rented Gaya Cottage at the time, the shed of which used to be the estate carpenter's shop, the whole lot being sold to Mr Bartlett for £170. Blacksmiths Cottage (now the Old Forge) and the blacksmiths shop were let to John Humphreys, whose father had been smithing here from the 1860s. The house can be seen 25 years later in KL031. It was sold for £195 and the shop subsequently knocked down to move the line of Blacksmiths Lane from the front to the rear of the property.

Image lent by : Mrs Margie Davies

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Catalogue, Sale of Eydon Estate 1925, Page 11

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