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Carte de visite taken by Grimmett of 11 South Bar, Banbury.

From the relative thickness of the mount and its dark olive/grey colour, it dates from 1880 to 1890s. This is confirmed by the Japanese style wall paper behind the two children, also very fashionable at the same time. We know that Mr and Mrs Grimmett operated a photographic studio at South Bar, Banbury between 1886 and 1897 -before that, they were based between 1883 to 1885, in Parsons Street.

The photo came from the Gubbins family album, and shows two children, a boy and (presumably) a baby girl. The boy has a triangular shaped face which is similar to that see on later photographs of the Gubbins (KL285). This might be Charlie Gubbins born 1891 and his sister Edith Alice Gubbins, born 15 months later. As Edith died aged only 3 in 1896, this may have been taken shortly before that. This might be Charlie's breeching photograph - his first long trousers rather than skirts. Photographer: Mr & Mrs Grimmett of Banbury

Image lent by : Mrs Marion Wheatley

Connected Photos: KL285

Carte De Visite of two children, 1886 to 1897

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