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This is the earliest photo in the Gubbins' family album, and presents us with several questions.

It is Carte de Visite size, which were popular from c1860 to 1900. From the relative thinness of the card, and the absence of a photographer's name, this is thought to be a relatively early card, possibly mid 1860, but rounded corners to the mount card and braid-edged jackets worn might suggest a few years later, say early 1870s. It shows two men, one seated, holding canes. Might they be father and son? The seated man has mutton chop whiskers, a stock and cravat. The younger man has a shirt and tie, centre parting and - importantly - a button hole. Might it be a wedding photo? Might these be members of the Abbott family, as they have the same round face and slight smile as seen on the photos of Louise Gubbins (nee Abbott)? (see KL284, KL298). In which case, if it were 1866, it might be the wedding of William Abbott - Alf Gubbins'father in law. If it is later, say 1872 or 3 then we have no current candidates for the names, but it is still a fascinating photo.


Photographer: Unknown Professional

Image lent by : Mrs Marion Wheatley

Carte de Visite, c 1860/1870, Gubbins Family?

SKU: KL270

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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