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It was from 'Shwe Chinthe' (KL211) that Kath and Bill Allen's daughters left to get married in St Nicholas's church.

Elder daughter Sue married Rodney Henn in 1970 and moved to Sulgrave, where they had three children - Jonathan, Robert and Phillippa. Here we see younger daughter Carrie marrying George Horne in 1978, unfortunately too late for her grandparents as both had died a couple of years earlier.

From the left we see bridesmaid Carrie Bedford, the newly married George and Carrie Horne and Sue Henn, mother to the two page boys, Jonathan and Robert. Carrie and George moved to Middleton Cheney, where their son George was born 1982.

Photographer: Unknown, Edwards family

Image lent by : Mrs Carrie Horne

Connected Photos: KL211

Carolyn Allen's Wedding, 1978

SKU: KL212

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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