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The Bromfield family, John, Frances and Rosetta, taken in a studio.

From Rosetta’s age, about 6-7, this was taken around 1874. The floor covering and back drop in this studio are the same as those used in IB015, IB016 and IB017, suggesting they were all taken at the same place, and possibly at the same time. For a farm labourer and laundress, John and Frances’s clothes are very smart, John’s in particular, especially compare to those in IB020 and IB021. It makes you wonder if photographers studios also hired out smart clothes.

John remained a labourer, working in people's gardens until old age. Frances worked in her mother's (and later her) laundry, in an old house at the top of Doctors Lane, next to where the family lived.

John was also a part time fireman (KL041) which couldn’t stop the fire which swept through the village in 1905, destroying the laundry. (DK030). Rosetta married Herbert Parish and they and all the family can be seen helping clear up in the wake of the fire in KL001.

Photographer unknown professional

Image lent by Mrs Coral Fairbrother

Connected photos IB017, IB020, IB021, IB015, IB016, KL001, KL041, DK030

Bromfield Family, c 1874

SKU: IB022

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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