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Part of a group of similar photos (AP042 - AP044) thought to be taken at the same time as AP040 & 041, i.e. about 1943.

They show Eydon Hall during WW2. It looks as if there has been a fire or something to the left of the boarded up window and two windows are boarded up with corrugated iron. There is also a broken window on the floor above. This is all a bit of a mystery as the Hall at this time was still the home of Robert Brand, and not requisitioned by the Army or anything. Also during the war there would not be resources for nonessential repairs or alterations. As far as we know, the Hall was never bombed or damaged. Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by : Mrs Jean Onions

Connected Photos: AP043 | AP044

Broken windows at Eydon Hall c. 1943

SKU: AP042

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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