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Outside the village and heading north along the Byfield Road towards Woodford. Here were see the two houses on Barnett's Hill. The stone house on the right was built in the 17th century and was extended in 1714 by William Tew, an Eydon mason, whose box tomb is adjacent to the church porch in Eydon.

The brick built cottage, is later, possibly Georgian or Victorian, and was built to work the adjoining brickyard. In the 1890s, whilst the railway was being built, both cottages had a large number of lodgers. Barnett's Hill is named (by Syd Tyrrell at least) after the Barnett family who worked the yard in the mid 19th century.

This photo is one of a series taken of the village by Skyview Archives, copies of which can be obtained from them at quoting for this image J940-23.

Photographer: Skyview Archives Ltd

Image lent by : Mr Darren Powell SVA

Connected Photos: KL150 and SV001 - SV026 range

Brick Cottage, Barnett's Hill 1964

SKU: SV023

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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