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The bread oven in the old bakehouse c.1965 now 44A High Street

There has been a bakery on this site since before the 19th century. John Gostick and later his son Raymond were the bakers here from the mid 1840s to the mid 1890s. After that the bakers were Wallace Pick, Edwin Hogg (who died in 1936), then Fred Carter. Fred Carter was the last baker to sell bread in his shop and deliver it around the village.

Traditionally on a Sunday villagers could take him their joint and vegetables in a tin early in the morning which he would put in the oven so that they were ready to be collected at dinner time (mid-day) when mothers or older children would be seen walking quickly along the street holding the roasting pan in front of them carefully covered with a cloth to keep it hot until it reached the dining table. After Fred Carter the shop was run by Mr Watts, but we do not think he baked at all. The other main bakery in the village was at 22 High Street (DK159).

Photographer Mr David Kench.

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Bread ovens in the old bakehouse, c1965

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