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The Great Fire of Eydon on 28th May 1905 attracted fire engines from all around the district, called by messages from the telegraph office at 7 High Street.

Eydon's Fire Engine (KL041) was helped by ones from nearby villages such as Moreton Pinkney, as well as from the surrounding towns of Daventry, Banbury, Brackley and Towcester, all about 8 to 10 miles distance.

It is said that Towcester were very keen to attend as they had a brand new fire engine and wished to try it out. As these were all horse driven, it took some time for them all to get here, by which time the Eydon Fire Brigade claimed they had done most of the work! While the two village fire engines were small manual pumps, the town engines were steam driven pumps which could deliver a lot more water.

Shown here are the engines from Brackley and Towcester by the pools in Eydon Hall Park, along with the usual crowd of (all male?) onlookers.


Photographer: Unknown

Picture lent by : Mr David Kench

Connected Photos: KL041

Brackley and Towcester Fire Engines, 1905

SKU: DK035

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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