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Ronnie Fairbrother, known to all as Biddle, was born in the village in 1929, and was a latter day village character.

He is seen here at the bar in the Village Hall at Mr & Mrs Phipps' Retirement Party in June 1988. In his youth was an excellent cricketer, playing for Eydon Cricket Club. He was also a keen skittles and billiards player, representing the Eydon Men’s Club in the local league.

His passion however, was gardening and both his garden behind his home at 9 High Street and his allotment were maintained to a high standard. He was a sociable gardener and could often be found on his allotment, leaning on his shovel, saying in his Northamptonshire accent - “well, truth to tell….” Ronnie collapsed on his allotment in July 1993, and died a week later in Banbury.

Photographer Mr Fred Phipps

Image lent by Mrs Joan Phipps

'Biddle' - Ronnie Fairbrother

SKU: KL120

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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