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Photograph of 11 High Street (Ashby Cottage) taken in the 1920s by Gertrude Lines

This was included in her dissertation, which was written as part of her teaching qualification, on the geography of Eydon.  Sid Tyrrell remembered Miss Lines as being the first girl from Eydon to get a scholarship to Brackley High School. She lived at Home Farm, Partridge Lane.

Originally this was two small cottages and indeed the photograph only shows the left half of the whole building. 11 High Street, although small, is the only cottage in the village with a large 5-light mullion window, often the sign of an occupation needing light being undertaken there. The cottage was sold by  Eydon Hall estate in 1925 and the sale catalogue can be viewed in KL015j. The photograph shows the cottage before the thatch was removed and the roof raised. In the 1990s the first floor window frames were replaced by modern stone mullions. The name of the young girl is not known.

Photographer: Miss Gertrude Lines

Image lent by : Dr Kevin Lodge

Connected Photos: DK107 | KL015j

Ashby Cottage, 11 High Street, 1920s

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Eydon Village Photo Archive

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