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Pre 1950s photo with a note on back in Syd Tyrrell's writting, 'Arthur Edwards, thatcher, in regalia of the Ancient Order of Foresters'

hilst most members of the the Foresters just wore a sash and carried a stave, some officers obviously got to wear the full regalia, shown here. Much of where Arthur Edwards is standing in Blacksmiths Lane has now changed. Behind him is the end of Sheen Cottage on the left and the gable end of 7 Blacksmiths Lane. The shed against the gable end belonged to Sheen Cottage and was pulled down when a garage was built for the cottage. The wall behind Arthur was the boundary wall for no. 5 (Rose Cottage) which was pulled down in the 1950s when the lane was diverted from in front of The Forge (2 Blacksmiths Lane) to go around the back. This was done by Annie Bricknell, who owned the houses at the time.

Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by : Mrs Jean Charles 

Arthur Edwards as a Forester

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Eydon Village Photo Archive

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