Three generations of the Gubbins family seen here in their garden at Eydon.

At the back left to right are Phoebe Alice Gubbins (1905 – 1984) in the centre Alfred James Gubbins (1868-1942) then his daughter-in-law Eliza Ann Gubbins née Walker (1887 – 1975) who was a cook at Eydon Hall and married Alfred’s son Charles William Gubbins.

In front on the left is Elizabeth Frances Gubbins, known in the family as Frances the Granddaughter of Alfred, and then Alfred’s wife, Louisa Elizabeth Gubbins née Abbott (1868 – 1942) and sitting on her knee her Grandson Charles Alfred John Gubbins (1920 – 1978) in his sailor’s uniform. He was the younger brother of Elizabeth Frances Abbott Gubbins.

Photographer unknown.

Image lent by Marion Wheatley

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Another family group from the Gubbins family album

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