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Amy Hannis & Joan Parish with a go-cart 1930s.

This appears to have been taken in the back yard of 21 High Street. (see KL121 & KL126) The girls, and their dog, are playing in a classical cart, made from wooden box and old pram wheels. Amy lived across the road in what was then called 'The Homestead' (now Dodd's Manor Farm).

If 'Amy' was Evelyn Valerie Hannis, born 1926, then she was the daughter of Harriet & Fredrick Charles Hannis, an engine cleaner working at Woodford. The Hannises lived at the Homestead until after WW2.


Photographer an unknown member of the Parish family.

Image lent by Mrs Joan Phipps

Amy Hannis & Joan Parish, 1930s

SKU: KL122

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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