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After the Great Fire 1905

Written on back, (by 'Aunt' Bessy): "Grandpy, Mother and I, Uncle Walter, Rose (Bromfield crossed out) Aldridge, Mrs Needle, Granny, Dad, Annie, Bill Bull, H. Peck on the ladder, The day after the fire".

This was Monday May 29th May 1905, the day after the Great Fire of Eydon had destroyed 11 houses. Here we see a somewhat cleaner group of villagers completing the clean up. Thanks to the writing on the back we know who these people are.

Grandpy was John Bromfield, born 1844 labour and part time fireman, aged 61 at the time. He lived at what is now 1 Doctors Lane, the first house not destroyed by fire in the lane.

Mother was Rosetta Eliza Parish (nee Bromfield) born Eydon 1867, aged 38.
"I" was Bessy Tomlin (nee Parish) born ? 1902?.
Uncle Walter was Walter John Bromfield, born Eydon 1875, aged 30 in photo.
Rose Aldridge was Rosetta Parish's cousin, aged 23 at the time of the fire. As in 1901 she was a laundry maid near Oxford, she must have been visiting to help out.
Mrs Needle, probably Henrieta Needle, wife of Raymond Needle, born 1873 aged 32.

Granny was Frances Jane Bromfield (nee Aldridge) Laundress (at burnt out building behind her) age 66 born 1839.
Dad is Herbert Parish, a poultry man (in 1901) in Culworth.
Annie is Annie L Parish, elder daughter of Herbert and Rose Parish, born 1899 in Culworth.

Bill Bull was 47, born 1858, and was a waggoner on a farm in 1901 census.
H. Peck is Henry Peck, ex coachman and now, a farmer, aged 54 born 1851.

Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by : Mrs Margie Davies

After the Fire, top of Doctors Lane

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