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On the left Charles Alfred John Gubbins the son of Eliza Ann Gubbins,

She is standing on the right of the picture with her daughter Elizabeth Frances Abbott Gubbins next to her. We are not sure about the lady and gentleman in between. It was thought they might be Alfred James Gubbins and his wife Louisa Elizabeth Gubbins but comparing their apparent ages in this photo to them in photo KL284 and comparing the height of Elizabeth Frances Abbott Gubbins against them, further thought may need to be given.

The gentleman is certainly the same man shown in photo KL289 so if not a Gubbins is he a member of the Abbott family ? The whereabouts of the Abbott Brother’s baker’s shop has still to be found. See also KL284 & KL288a

Photographer unknown.

Image lent by Marion Wheatley

A Gubbins Family group outside Abbott Brothers baker’s shop

SKU: KL288

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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