View looking north, centred on 15 High Street, Wistaria House.

On the right can be seen the High Street with Doctors Lane and the Village Hall at the top right. In the right foreground can be seen one of the barns behind 7 High Street, here clearly showing its domestic antecedents.

Behind that, the extensive gardens of 15 High Street, all seemingly well cultivated. Beyond that is the typical in-fill and back land development of the village, giving parts of it an almost urban density.

This is derived from the two lines of development along what became Blacksmiths Lane, with Mannings Farmyard along the top of the picture. At the top right of the picture is another working farmyard, the remote yard for Manor Farm (down by the church).

This photo is one of a series taken of the village by Skyview Archives, copies of which can be obtained from them at quoting for this image J940-8.

Photographer: Skyview Archives Ltd

Image lent by : Mr Darren Powell SVA

Connected Photos: SV001 - SV026 range

1960s Aerial Photo of Wistaria House

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