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Looking north at Blacksmiths Lane, centred on Sheen Cottage (on the left) and Sunnybank.

Sheen Cottage, with the prominent white drive, was an old cottage, modernised in the 1950s, with metal framed windows and new flatter, tiled roof. Where the drive met Blacksmiths Lane was, in Victorian times, an even smaller cottage, now demolished.

The row of single story sheds at the top of the picture are attached to Ashbys Farm, 27 High Street, whist the stone milking parlours of Mannings Farm in front of them were built after 1762, in beautifully cut Eydon stone.

This photo is one of a series taken of the village by Skyview Archives, copies of which can be obtained from them at quoting for this image J940-10.

Photographer: Skyview Archives Ltd

Image lent by : Mr Darren Powell SVA

Connected Photos: SV001 - SV026 range

1960s Aerial Photo of Sheen and Sunny Bank Cottages, Blacksmiths Lane

SKU: SV010

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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