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12th Century Pillar from Eydon Church

When Eydon Church was restored in 1865, two (of the three) pillars from the arcade between the nave and the north aisle were found to be badly damaged and were replaced by new ones. Despite standing on a hill of golden brown Eydon stone, the new pillars were made of creamy white Bath stone. The two old pillars were salvaged and erected in the grounds of Eydon Hall by the then owner, Rev Annesley. Here is one, with a view of the church tower in the background. It has an appropriately inscribed brass plate which can be seen in the photograph fixed just below the capital. The pillars are octagonal in section and are thought to date from about 1200. The front sections of the pillars show where the damage was repaired. The rest of the pillar is made from Eydon stone and from its colour - Eydon stone turns purple when burnt - this has been very hot at some time.

Photographer: Mr David Kench

Image lent by : Mr David Kench

Connected Photos: KL037

12th Century Pillar from Eydon Church

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