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Group photo of Eydon WI in the garden of Oriel house, home of Sue Yates. Photo taken in or after 1987 by Chris Yates.

What is striking about this group is the number of younger members, in their 20s and early 30s, unlike the traditional stereotype of the WI. This may have influenced the group's activities, such as entering WI skittles and darts tournaments also more vigorous sports like horse riding.

More information about Eydon WI's history have been published in our research booklets, details elsewhere on our web site.

On the back row from the left we have the two tall ladies, Eileen Pettifer and Gillian Thompson with Isabel Haynes between them. In front of them are Sue McRoberts, Frances Flavell and an unidentified lady, both peering over the heads in front, and and Pamela Dunstan (in grey), whilst in front of them are Rita Bullworthy, Margaret McDougall, Brenda Kench and Lynn Allen.

Standing at the front with white hair is Mrs Pat Punch from Woodford, then Christine Waldron, Vivienne Fox and Mrs Tew (latterly Mrs Day).

Seated are Hope Walker, Chris Howes, Janet Dodson, Angela Davidson and Sara Curle, whilst the front row comprises of Sue Yates, Sally Knight (became Sally Whitford in around 1986) Cathy Hill and Sonia Hawes.


Photographer: Mr Chris Yates

Image lent by : Mrs Sue Yates

Connected Photos: KL215 | KL216

WI meeting in Sue Yates garden, late 1980s

SKU: KL214

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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