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Date: 1914-18 and 1939-1945 Rear and side view of War Memorial, Culworth Road Burial Ground

WW 2 dead listed are R.J. Brand, F.T.R. Hannis, J.J. O'Loughlin & F. Rogers. Robert James (Jimmy) Brand was the son of Robert (later Lord) Brand at Eydon Hall. He joined the Coldstream Guards at the start of the war and served as a tank commander. He was killed just two weeks before the end of the war when his tank was ambushed by a German tank in March 1945. Fred Hannis was also killed in a tank, this time with the Eight Army in North Africa. Fred was nephew to the Cleaver brothers killed in the first world war, so his mother Harriet had lost her son, two of her brothers and effectively her husband Fred Hannis who never recovered from his experiences in the war and died in 1938. (See DK163) Syd Tyrrell thinks the other two names were men who left the village long before the war. J.J. O'Loughlin died in an accident. F. Rogers was Frank Rogers, son of Frank and Ethel Rogers, born in Eydon in 1918.

Photographer: Dr Kevin Lodge

Image lent by : Dr Kevin Lodge

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War Memorial, Eydon Burial Ground

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