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Speeches from the top table at a fete on the south lawn of Eydon Hall some time in the 1960s.

It seems from the expressions of the committee that they have heard it all before!

From the left we have the Rector, Rev. Graham Neville, Lord Brand, the owner of Eydon Hall, Eddie Wilks, Sir Edward Ford, Lord Brand's son in law, is speaking, and nearest the camera, Eric Walker.

Beyond the table can be seen the rail for the second hand clothes (KL182) and the children preparing for the fancy dress competition. These look very similar to those shown in KL180 and KL181, dating this fete to 1963.


Photographer: Miss Hope Walker

Image lent by : Miss Hope Walker

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Top Table at an Eydon Hall fete, 1960s

SKU: KL170

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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