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Between the wars, local builder Thomas Kench and Co. started to expand their range of operations outside the village and its surroundings.

This picture was taken on one of these sites well away from Eydon, most likely that shown in DK144 and AP007. That would make the job a new house for a Mr Miller in Kenilworth in 1935. The standing workmen, from the left are: Bill Fisher & George Ager, both with arms folded, then the tall Bob Bodily, a bricklayer from Maidford. Next to him, without a cap and clutching a camera case is Eric Walker a carpenter of Eydon and Ted Coy a bricklayer, both from Eydon. The men seated in front are on the left Ernie Hogg - also known as Teddy Hogg - from Eydon and Richard Ellis Buckley. Teddy or Ernie Hogg had the full name Edwin Ernest Hogg hence the either or - some called him Ted or Teddy some called him Ernie - not sure what trade he was.

Photographer: Mr Eric Walker

Image lent by : Miss Hope Walker

Connected Photos: DK144 | AP006 | AP007 | AP008 | AP027

Thomas Kenches' workmen, Kenilworth, 1935

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Eydon Village Photo Archive

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